Other Services

Other Services

Languages & Translation courses "Moscow Time"

In addition to a variety of educational programs for linguists and translators, "Moscow Time" school invites you to attend Russian language courses for English speakers in Moscow!
The school was established on the basis of Moscow Time translation company, which is represented within Russia and the United Arab Emirates. The programs and methods of our school are of interest both for beginners to learn the Russian language, and those that continue to learn.
You can become familiar with all the specific details by contacting us on: +7 (495) 199-17-42.

Software and Video Game Localization

Localization is a multi-stage process of adapting software for a specific target audience in accordance with its national, linguistic and cultural peculiarities pursuing the aim of further implementation of a product within a certain target market.

Moscow Time Translation runs on all commercially available platforms.

The strengths of our localization process include:

  • Tried and tested methods
  • Attention to terminology and style of the original text
  • Translation into software environments equipped with spell-checking tools, translation memory and terminology control systems
  • Full compliance with international standards and industry terminology
  • Own product testing within the company
  • Experience in the localization of millions of words for major software producers
Some real world example

Moscow Time has performed localization for:

  • User interface (menus, dialog boxes, program messages, screen shots, and so forth)
  • Electronic master files in any formats
  • Product instructions and guidelines in the formats of FrameMaker®, PageMaker®, QuarkXPress®, PDF, Microsoft Publisher®, Interleaf, LaTeX et al
  • SAP and Web applications

Moscow Time can incorporate support for translation into your information content management systems.

Representative office in United Arab Emirates

The UAE-based representative office provides the whole range of translation services with the most demanded of them
being the provision of interpreters in the UAE working at events of all levels, all kinds of interpreting - consecutive, simultaneous, whisper interpreting (interpreters are available in all of the Emirates, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah)
  • Arabic translation from and into all world languages in relation to 25 subjects
  • Legalization of official documents
  • Translation from Arabic into Russian and from Russian into Arabic on any subject

Necessary information on the legalization of documents, as well the provision of translation services in the UAE, providing interpreters in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other emirates, as well other issues related to this line can be obtained directly from the Moscow-based corporate office or by the other contact details provided.