Consular Legalization in Russia

Consular Legalization in Russia

Consular legalization of documents is a procedure that implies formal procedures with documents in the country of origin, empowering documents with legal force within the target state for submission to competent authorities abroad, and the capability of executing documents lawfully.

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When is consular legalization of documents required?

This procedure is mandatory only if the country where you intend to submit the documents, is not a signatory to the Hague Convention of 1961, and in circumstances when a bilateral agreement on mutual recognition of official documents has not been signed between the country issuing the document and the country of document submission. In all other cases however, the compliance procedure is mandatory. It is possible to legalize a document only within the country of document origin. Translation Services Moscow Time is engaged in consular legalization of documents issued in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union.

In which cases is the apostille sufficient?

An apostille shall be applicable if both parties have signed the Hague Convention of 1961 and have been full members hitherto. In such an instance, recognition of documents by host countries only require an "Apostille" stamp (affixed according to the proper procedure) in the country where the document was issued. You can read the apostille-related information in the relevant section.

Legalization at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia (CCI RF)

As experience proves, the procedure for legalization at CCI RF is necessary in two cases: if it is a requirement of the host country, or if the document cannot be apostilled or legalized by the consulate. CCI legalize documents of a commercial nature: invoices, contracts, various types of certificates, bills of lading and other documents regarding foreign economic activity.

Is a translation concerning consular legalization of documents needed?

Practically in all countries, with few exceptions, only documents drawn up in the official language of the country are accepted for consideration. Thus, the procedure of translation coupled with notarization is mandatory.

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For foreign translation companies and other companies operating within the apostille and consular legalization market, Translation Services Moscow Time offers special terms of cooperation on apostille and consular legalization services in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, as well consulting support in all peculiarities and details of the international law related to the said process.

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